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The culture cannot be taught but can be acquired through real-life approach and since the time of Shri Krishna and Sudama, our tradition indicates that the best knowledge with well-cultured attitude can be acquired in the atmosphere of Gurukul. Education through GURUKUL is the specialties of India since ancient times. As guided by the Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan in his pious Shikshapatri "Pravartiya Sadvidhya Bhuvi Yatsukrutam Mahat" - We should use our intellect to spread the divine and holy thoughts.


Originally Incorporated as Dindayal Chatralaya- Gurudwara Managed by Brahmlin Guru Shri Maheshswaranandji Maharaj And later on in the year 1977 Gurukul was undertaken by Sadguru Shastri Swami Shri Hariprakashdashji with new face & color 1. Name of the Trust : Shree Satsang Shiksha Parishad 2. Trust Regd. No. : F/467 - Ahmedabad 3. Trust Registered Under : Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 4. Date of registration : 29/08/1972


Originally Incorporated as Dindayal Chatralaya - Gurudwara Managed by Brahmlin Guru Shri Maheshswaranandji Maharaj And later on in the year 1977 Gurukul was undertaken by Sadguru Shastri Swami Shri Hariprakashdashji with new face & color MANAGING TRUSTEE : Shastree Swami Shree Bhanuprakashdasji SECRETARY : Shastree Swami Shree Harikrushnadasji TRUSTEE : Shastree Swami Shree Hariprakashdasji TRUSTEE : Shastree Swami Shree Dharmatanaydasji TRUSTEE : Mr. Manaharlal D. Vitthalani

Vision and Mission

The Swaminarayan Gurukul, Chhaya was established in 1978 with the vision of developing the complete Personality of a man as 'Human'. So as to make him God fearing & a good citizen who would inculcate the values of a Parental family. Above all it wants to develop an essence of Religious tolerance, in the time of calamity the student is able to stand Shoulder to shoulder with any one At the Gurukul, The student is been trained to master the content, to bring the desired change, enabling them to reach their Goal, to provide the practical education so that they stand on their own feet as well as support others.


As the logo of the trust suggests, 'yate mahi swarajye', i.e. we shall always strive for the development of Nation, Integrity and safety. This is the sole objective of Shree Satsang Shiksha Parishad, headquartered at Gandhinagar. It is an organization set up by Swaminarayan Cult for the spread of education, preservation of Indian culture & heritage. It has many branches spread all over Gujarat, like: Bhavnagar, Kevadia Colony (Sardar Sarovar), Lathidar (Dist. Bhavnagar), Rozad a tribal area at Sabarkantha dist. & Dharampur again a Tribalarea (Dist. Valsad). One of them is at Chhaya, Porbandar - the Birthplace of Pujya Bapu 'the father of nation'.


Management can be described as both an art and a science. At its heart lies a fundamental respect for human dignity and an intuition for students' needs. This is supported by the mind in the form of rigorous core learning. The Founder and Managing Trustees have over 40 years of experience of providing the vision and leadership required to ensure high quality education to over 2700+ students in this Campus (Kindergarden to Master Degree). We offer high quality support and training to ensure career progression for all students, providing employment for people from the local community and as such 100% of last year’s graduates progressed into full time local employment. The objective of our MBA College is to provide students with the opportunity to serve, to lead and to fulfil their potential in all spheres, so that they can take their place and succeed in the modern world.

While the academic programme is the central pillar of the MBA College, we strongly encourage our students for involvement in many and varied extracurricular activities also. The skills gained in this college are critical, leading to all round growth and maturity of all our nursing students, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Very few have fully realised the wealth of sympathy, compassion, devotion and dedication hidden in the soul of a Management Student. The effort of our educators is to unlock this treasure, and our MBA College is an excellent example where everyone strives for this.


Management education in today’s era is both challenging and dynamic. The greater emphasis of management education lies on the faculties more than the students. In today’s era, the faculties need to be updated completely and thoroughly with the right concepts and theories so as to quench the thirst of the 21st century management students. This is the philosophy of mine and my institute. We believe in providing right apparatus to the management students which is handy to them to make a successful career in the industry. For accomplishing this task, our faculties keep making mammoth efforts in up-grading themselves by writing research papers, attending conferences, pursuing further studies and then down-streaming the accumulated knowledge to the aspirants of MBA Course. I welcome, all the new aspirants to come and explore this stream of knowledge that flows continuously at this institute.

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